Measure wifi throughput on photon 2

Hi guys,

I have been working in networking for over a decade but I am a newbie in IoT domain.

I wanted to know if someone can advise how to find wifi throughput on photon 2.

For an outdoor wifi mesh solution I was thinking to use p2 as a probe but I am unsure if it is capable of running such code due to limited memory? If so, what is the theoretical throughput that it can achieve on 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Any help will be appreciated.


I wouldn't try to use a Photon 2 for measuring Wi-Fi throughput. The Wi-Fi interface is intended for low-volume IoT traffic and won't come anywhere close to measuring the maximum throughput of a Wi-Fi network. Something like a Raspberry Pi would probably be a better choice.

thanks for your response. can I use P2 to measure signal strength only? will it mimic what an end-user would experience?

Measuring signal strength would work well. The WiFi.scan() function finds all nearby APs and returns the SSID, MAC, RSSI (signal strength), and channel. That should be all you need.

Thanks. Is there any where I can get rugged outdoor box and solar or battery for it?
I want to put it out in the field. around 15 of them per site