Manufacturing my own and communication to the cloud

I’m thinking of manufacturing my own Sparks, but have a few questions first.

Does the spark IDE work through sparks not manufactured by the team?
Does the Spark API also work?
Can more than 8 digital pins be added by changing the PCB design?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mschinis - currently no, but we are working on providing a mechanism for providing access for other hardware. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the reply, and sorry for the late reply back :smile: . I’ll definitely be awaiting for updates! looking to implement spark in a startup.

Hi @mschinis

The analog IO pins on Spark also work as digital IOs so you have 16 IO plus the 2 USART pins.

If you are looking for more digital IO for prototyping with Spark cores, there is always an i2c port expander like this one:

You can have up to 8 of these on one i2c bus and each one has 8 digital IO for a total of 64 digital IOs on one i2c.

Hello @bko

That’s great to hear! I’m still waiting for my spark to arrive, but at the moment Im working on schematics to expand sparks capabilities to fit my exact needs.

I can now build the schematics with that in mind! thank you very much! :blush:

Can’t wait for future updates to allow other hardware on the spark cloud.!

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