Managing / grouping cores

Is there a way to group or manage cores? Right now there is a list of cores, but I can imagine there will be many cores in the list if projects go well, so it would be goodie they could be ordered in some kind of tree view (per application, per customer, per location, …)


Oh i love what you just said! We call it fleet management and it’s so exciting just thinking about it :smiley:

With that said, that’s not a feature in the next few months if i’m not wrong…


Thank you,
I agree “fleet management” is a very handy feature and in you have a lot of corse it is a must have feature, so yes it is very exciting.
Do you have any idea on the timeframe of this feature?

We have to wait for someone from the :spark: HQ :smile:

@GrtVHecke, @kennethlimcp, the Spark Team stated that they are clearly committed to supporting Enterprises, including fleet management. They have not yet released their plans. :smile:


Bump! Any new news on when this might be available? Any details about how it will work when it comes to light?