Groups... when will they be available?

Hello everyone! I was wondering when groups would be available for the Spark Core, or if there is a workaround currently available to do so.

Specifically, what I am looking to do would be to have a single web page that is updated by collecting published variables to the cloud from a group of (possibly as many as 6) cores. Also, I would like for this page to also have the ability to then select multiple cores (possibly by selecting a radio button corresponding to each core) to then post a variable to that dynamically selected group.

I hope that my explanation is clear enough to convey what I am looking to do.

Hi @kherman

I think the Spark core side of what you want to do is here and ready now. You just need the web page side to pull the information together.

If you look at my tutorial on getting started with Spark.publish() you might get some ideas. It would be easy to have say six cores all publishing events and have one web page listening to their event streams, with visibility controls on that page to determine what is shown and what is hidden. I am sure the folks that program for the web everyday would have some great ideas on how to do this.

Totally agreed, this is completely possible! If you have the Cores all publishing to the same (or similar) event streams, you’ll be able to see all of their published messages together. Then to get a list of the Cores that you would want to be able to control (your radio buttons), you could either GET /v1/devices, or parse the event data and pull the device IDs into your site using some javascript magic.

@kherman let us know if you still need more guidance, happy to help!

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@zach and @bko: thanks! I will look into this and see if I can put together what I am envisioning. The webpage side of things (Javascript) is where I struggle, so I will keep you apprised and will probably have several more questions…