Managed Broadband Service - firewall issue

I am trying to get 4 photons talking to the Particle Cloud. They are in a school in East London. They all connect to the WiFi. The Internet service is then managed by LGFL (London Grid for Learning) rather than the school. I have provide the details for firewall settings in posts elsewhere - access to opened on port 5683 for TCP. LGFL have implemented these changes and restarted the devices but the photons still cannot access the cloud. Any advice about whether these details are still correct and what else might be the issue? Thanks

What’s the LED doing? And is there some kind of captive portal on the connection?

@Moors7 The photon is embedded in a product - LED is not visible. However, there is a wifi connection icon and this is showing as wifi connection and 3 bars. I deduce that it will be flashing cyan trying to connect to the internet. Good point about the captive portal. I thought the fact the photon is wifi connected suggests there is no captive portal. I will check if they are using a whitelist with device MAC address. This is a first time with firewall issues! Normally have used guest wifi or whitelist and then no internet issues afterwards.

Captive portals are for wifi :wink: And those ‘free’ networks often have you go through them to accept some kind of fair use policy.

The IP address and port settings are correct?