Making a connection for 10 buttons

I have a keypad with 10 buttons which are wired directly into I/O on my Particle. I have to pass the wire for the keypad through a narrow gap, so ideally I need a reliable and easy way to have a break in the wire at the half way point.

Anyone have any tips on a connector that’s easy to solder or crimp to allow for this
Another way of wiring up the keypad that still allows me to have strong external resistors for each input. If I multiplex won’t I lose that ability? I do need the strong resistors to stop false positives when I turn on/off fluorescent lights here a lot of ‘noise’ rattles around the wiring in this building!

The way I have it at the moment is not sustainable or reliable. I was trying to solder the break in each wire back together in a crampt spot and making sure I had the right wire pair was very, very frustrating!