Low battery detection with SMS alert

Hey! Newbie here. I am wanting to build a low battery charge detection unit with an SMS alert that will be sent to my mobile number when it detects that the linked batteries drop below a specific charge. As someone completely new to particle and code, I would appreciate as much help as you could give me to get going with this project. Thanks all!

hi Dominic, and welcome to the community!

You can use an INA219 featherwing, docs here.
A doubler or tripler to prototype easily.
And an Argon or Boron.

If SMS is a hard requirement, you’d need to do an integration with something like Twilio or Ubidots.

If SMS is not a hard requirement and you would use an app on your phone, you can send notifications to Telegram as explained here.

(this is only my opinion, other community members may have other ideas as well)
I know there is a lot of reading to do, but once you have more questions, ask away!

@gusgonnet ,

Using the feathering certainly makes it easy to get started. I have been using feather wings more lately to reduce the “time to learning”.

@dominic505 ,

I addition to current sensors, there are a family of devices called “fuel gauges” that give you a % full measure and unlike the INA219, don’t require a load resistor.

This is the same device used in the Boron so, you may need to put it on a separate i2c bus as the device ID is fixed. Also, depending on your battery chemistry and whether it is single or multiple cells, the right one for you may be different.



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