Does the Photon support the "low_battery" system event?

Hey all,

I noticed in the Photon docs under available system events that the Photon supports the “low_battery” system event.

I was under the impression that without a “fuel guage” it’s not really possible to track battery levels, so I can imagine the Electron supports this event but was surprised to see it listed for the Photon as well.

Is this an error in the docs or is it really supported with the Photon? And if so, when does this event get emitted?

I don’t have a battery to test this with at the moment, which is why I figured I’d ask here first.



Yes that is only available for the Electron. I will see how we can reflect that in the documentation.


You can use the service of as a bypass solution: here you can set an applet for Particle so that this trigger fires when your device changes states. Useful for detecting the power is out, when the internet is down, or when your Particle device sleeps much of the time.

Ah, thanks for the recommendation. For the record, It’s fairly trivial to implement a heartbeat mechanism where the Photon pings home base notifying it about status change, heartbeats, etc.

Another issue is where you might want to put the Photon in deep sleep to make sure it doesn’t run out of battery.