Looking for SoftPWM Library


Is there a SoftPWM library for the spark core ?

I needs to control 10 led with PWM but the spark has only 8 pwm pins.

On arduino board, they can use SoftPWM Libary to use other gpio like PWM pin. Can we do the same with the spark core ?


ps : i don’t want to buy an extension board for more gpio

@kriss, looking at the SoftPWM library, I believe that by changing the pin mapping and writing code to be Spark compatible and by using SparkIntervalTimer to provide the timer interrupts, it is possible to port the library.

Thank you peekay123, you give me a new hope :smiley:

As i am a beginner, i don’t have the skill to make this.
Is someone planning to work on it ?
Or maybe a good developper can do it for me ? :blush:

@kris, I have ported the library but now need to test it with the web IDE since it uses the SparkIntervalTimer library. As soon as I am done, I will be adding it to the web IDE libraries. :slight_smile:

:smile: Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

you make me happy ! it’s a wonderfull day today :smiley:

@kriss, I have just published the SoftPWM library to the web IDE with all the examples. Don’t forget to include the SparkIntervalTimer library as well! :stuck_out_tongue: