Looking for help with an asset tracking project

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I am looking for some help with setting up the V2 asset tracker. I have assembled the unit and tested it with success using some of the library examples but my next steps to integrate with a google map have been fruitless. I am certainly beyond my knowledge but think that what I am after is not terribly complex. I have written out a simple list of my objectives below. Would anyone be interested in a side project to help me code this up?

To create a devise whose location can be viewed via a google map page and and will send a notification (via text) when moved beyond a specified distance. The devise would also monitor temperature/humidity and air quality readings which would be recorded as a running list in a document and would send a notification if readings were dangerous.

Sounds kinda simple right? If anyone is interested please reach out! I am happy to compensate for time spent aiding me in this project.

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@Clifton, have you looked at this?


Hi Peekay123,

I have been trying that for about a week! Unfortunately I am having a lot of trouble setting up the Node.js. I keep getting stuck with the setup on my computer. I think that area is my biggest hurdle right now.

@Clifton, if you post the issues you are having, it will be easier to get help.

@peekay123, You are right. I just have problems asking for help sometimes.

This is my first problem; I’ve gotten the API, and went through the list of instructions but I get a few errors along the way and have yet to successfully launch the application. I think the problem is because I cannot figure out how to do what the instructions say to do regarding the below:

Set the key in config.json using the map_api_key variable. The code will inject the API key into the web page so the Maps JS library loads properly. This key is not secured so be sure to add referrer restrictions to your key. Consult Best practices for securely using API keys for more information.

Every time I type this into the terminal I get:
-bash: config.json: command not found

Any thoughts? And thank you!


Hi @peekay123

I have posted a more specific list of questions on a new post that I hope folks will understand a bit better where I am currently hung up. If you have a moment and feel generous take a look. Many thanks…

Google cloud SDK help

Hey @peekay123 do you have any advice?

@Clifton, see my post in your other thread.

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