Asset Tracker V2 and google Maps

Hello there!
I’m having great luck with the V2 assettracker running the assettrackerrk firmware but I can’t seem to find a tutorial on integrating it with google maps. I found the tutorial for the Google geolocation API but it seems like that wants to locate using the cellular signal instead of the GPS that the V2 is using. Am I incorrect? Is there a simple way to publish the GPS information to a Google Map?


Have you searched the forum already, because there are several topics on this already:

Thanks. Yes, I really only found one tutorial or threads that link back to the same havocstudios tutorial and I have used it successfully when I was using the assettracker library but I need a altitude reading for a high altitude balloon so I am using the assettrackerrk firmware which is working great for lat/long/alt but I’m not sure how to publish it to a google map for real time tracking. I guess I don’t really need it as I can just use the console but it certainly would be much more slick to just pull it up on my phone to see the location of the payload in relation to where I am.

As long as it publishes the same information, it shouldn’t matter which library you’re using. You should be able to format the data in a way that yields the same results.