Logging maximum system info using debugging firmware

I’m currently using the Logger function for debugging purposes. I would like to access more information about the system through logging. I believe that the debugging files provided in the Particle repository provides more information when logging all log-levels.

My system information is as follows:
Boron LTE
VScode with Workbench 1.46.2

The installation process that I followed, using these CLI commands, was as follows:
particle flash --usb boron-system-part1@1.4.0-rc.1.bin
particle flash --usb boron-tinker-serial1-debugging@1.4.0-rc.1+debug.bin
particle flash --serial boron-bootloader@1.4.0-rc.1.bin
particle compile boron 3rdPartySIM.cpp --saveTo firmware.bin --target 1.4.0
particle flash --usb firmware.bin
particle flash --usb boron-tinker-serial1-debugging@1.4.0-rc.1+debug.bin

After successfully flashing the device, I would run “Particle serial monitor”, but no output is seen. I’ve tried this with other firmware versions as well, such as 1.3.1 and 1.2.1.

I’ve noticed that the tinker program mentions serial1.

How would I go about getting as much detail about the system logged to my console?
What are the debugging files actually for?
Would an SWD debugger assist me in retrieving more system information through the console?

Thanks in advance

Your own code will be replaced as soon you flash the Tinker firmware again.
You won't need debugging Tinker - only add SerialLogHandler logger(LOG_LEVEL_ALL); in your own code and flash that.

These have logging output enabled so that you can "subscribe" to the output via any fitting log handler.

Thanks for your reply.

I have the SerialLogHandler logger(LOG_LEVEL_ALL) successfully outputting to the console.

Is there any way to log more detail about what the system is doing in the background?

Not sure what you are seeing and not clear what else you want to see.

Hi @ScruffR
We are having issues with connecting to the Cat M1 network and want to investigate the communication between the modem and cell tower. We have been told that setting SerialLogHandler logger(LOG_LEVEL_ALL) will give insight to the AT commands and responses but we are no getting any such logging.
The only system logging we seem to get is device is connected and device is disconnected.
We are looking at the output from “particle serial monitor”

Thanks in advance

This might be a case for the cloud debug firmware