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So I am trying to interface a couple of temperature and humidity sensors. I can read the value of the sensors every 3 minutes. I created particle variables to push those values to the cloud. I am also publishing the values to the clouds. I can see the sensor readings on particle cloud as expected. I am trying to achieve the following:

1.) Log the data in google spreadsheets. I have seen online tutorials explaining how to log to google drive. They use Javascript to read data from the cloud, that I manually need to add in a spreadhseet at the time of creation. However, I want to create a new spreadsheet every day at midnight. I am not sure how to do that automatically.

2.) I want to create a dashboard that displays several parameters and plots data. I am thinking to have a webpage (that can be easily created with widgets) that can be accessed from anywhere. I do not want to pay for live dashboard services.

3.) I would ideally like to get SMS/text message or push notifications on cell phone; in case certain events were to happen. For example, temperature change above/below threshold.

I appreciate your time and would appreciate for all suggestions and resources that you can provide. Thanks!

  1. Have you looked into IFTTT integrations? There are recipes to log published events to google drive. I’ve been using one of those but it won’t create a new sheet per day. It will create new sheets as needed, when the the main one fills up, which I believe is after 2000 entries. So you’ll end up with [Sheet Name], [Sheet Name] (1), [Sheet Name] (2), etc. I forget exactly how and the terminology but you can create a trigger on a sheet so when new data is added you can copy/move that data to your own sheets. So presumably you could programatically create a new sheet per day, move the IFTTT triggered data to that sheet and then the main sheet would never fill up. I’ve used something like that years ago before I discovered Tinamous.

  2. Tinamous integrates directly and can pull variables and/or listen to events. It’ll graph them, giving you a bunch of options, give you a dashboard, and even let you export your data to a spreadsheet (manually). One of the key features I like is that it can notify you if your device stops reporting or goes offline for a period of time you specify.

  3. IFTTT is what I used for this but the IFTTT trigger is a bit slow for published events. If getting a message within about 15-30min is acceptable then just connect a Particle publish to an SMS or IFTTT push service.

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