Localization of device integrated in cloud and current name of programm on the device

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I have two suggestions:

  1. Why you do not integrate a localization feature directly in the cloud? It would be nice if you see the current location of the device if you select “Devices” in the console. (display location based my cell tower localization)

  2. Often I’m not sure which programm is actually running on my device. It would be nice if you could look-up the name (or better ID) of the programm which is currently running when you check if your device is healthy.

What do you think about my suggestions?

Hi @electronweather!

Great suggestions.

  1. As it stands, we do make the ID of the tower to which you’re connected visible in Diagnostics. In terms of a GUI add-in, well, it’s worth gauging the interest in this potential feature and weighing said interest against potential concerns in displaying that data so readily. It’s worth noting that just Tower ID alone isn’t such a great location indicator, and that the SARA-R410 can’t perform carrier scans to triangulate.
  2. This is not a feature on Development Devices but it is a feature on Product Devices (see Device Groups, for example). Definitely, definitely check out Products if you haven’t done so already. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I do in setup() for any sketches that I use a lot for testing/debugging, or just blowing stuff up in this case:

>  waitUntil( Particle.connected );
>  Particle.publish( "Sketch: ", "EnableNukularTimerFuse", PRIVATE );
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