List and Maintain Webhooks for Products via API and/or CLI

In the docs, I see how to list Webhooks using the CLI; however, it doesn’t appear to grab webhooks associated with products. I also don’t see any product-related CLI functionality nor do I see any product-webhook related functionality in the API itself.

Do these exist? If not, are there plans to add them?

They don’t exist… they probably should, that said Particle supports an awful lot more via their CLI than some other services out there…

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Yea, that’s true. It’s still a bit dissapointing. Do you know if it is possible via the API (not CLI)? Maybe I’ll just write a little python wrapper for the API to at least somewhat automate the process…

I think I read on a thread that it was possible if you just add the product ID in the payload, but I didn’t see it documented anywhere.

As you noted, the product functionality is not yet available in the CLI. Your idea of a Python script is good. Here’s the list integrations endpoint: You can use the product endpoint like this

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