LIS3DH position interrupt configuration is baffling

The app note for the LIS3DH accelerometer in Table 17 on Page 22 portrays how to configure the device to register interrupts based on movement or position, 4D or 6D, and AND versus OR. Since each of these parameters is a binary choice, there are a total of 8 possible configurations. The table shows only 4 possible configurations.

For example, the table displays how to configure for an OR combination of 6D movement events, and how to configure for an AND combination of 6D position events.

How would I choose to have an OR combination of 6D position events?

A file, link, or Screenshot would be nice so we have something to look at as well :wink:

Sorry, should have thought of that.:grin:

The complete app note can be found at

Hmm, if some states are mutually exclusive you won’t get your 8 states.
If I understand this right you can’t combine 6D and 4D and also AND vs. OR always goes for all dimensions at once, so you couldn’t create X & (Y | Z) (especially since you’d also need parentheses to fully combine AND and OR).

And where do you see the third bit - in addition to AOI & 6D - to give you the extra 4 states?