License suggestions for new library

Hi all

I’m in the process of writing a library for a shield I’m making for the Spark. Plan is to build and sell the shields and offer the library for free as is the norm

Whats the best license to release it under? i see most of the spark libraries are under the GUN lesser GPL

The library was written from the ground up no cut and pastes in this one!

On a side note… is a shield for a spark a shield? its more like a horse, the spark sits on top yeah?

Hey @Hootie81 - if you want a liberal license, I prefer Apache (some of our other stuff is licensed under this agreement). Of course MIT/BSD are popular low-friction licenses, but Apache actually protects everybody involved a little better.

We do release our firmware libraries under an LGPL license, partially because that’s the license that Arduino uses, and partially because we want people to contribute improvements back to our project. If you’re not concerned with that, then Apache/MIT/BSD are all fine choices.

Haha good question on shields; we do call them shields now but we have debated other names. Now that RPi is calling theirs “hats”, all bets are off. :tophat:

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