Library for logging to SD card: SdCardLogHandlerRK


What did you connect the second USB port to on the E Series module? The u-blox USB port pins? That definitely will not work. That’s directly connected to the modem and is not accessible to user firmware.

The SDFAT library is meant to use an SPI-connected SD card adapter. It will definitely not work with a USB connected one, on any USB port. That would require a USB host mode and a device driver for the SD card. Neither exist and would be exceptionally difficult to implement. For all practical purposes, impossible.


@rickkas7 Thank you for the response! As far as I am aware, yes, the second USB port is connected to the u-blox USB port pins. I will double check with the person who designed the board, but I’m about 90% positive that’s what happened.


@rickkas7 Okay, I checked with the designer and he said that the second USB port is NOT connected to the u-blox USB port pins. However, the two USB ports are exactly the same. He was aware that while using one of the ports the other could not be used because they are the same. We are going to see if there are any other free pins we can use to make this work.


@rickkas7 hopefully not bugging you (or the community) but just wanted to follow up about the idea of multiple log handlers including SD log handlers on top of reading and reading and writing to regular files per earlier post. Would there be any theoretical conflicts or edge cases to worry about?

Thank you


It’s an unusual case to use two different log handlers like that, but as long as they are writing to two different directories as you have done it should work properly, I think. I never tested it, but it probably will work.