Library for creating a local group of devices using BLE

That’s a very good question. Unfortunately the RAM for the softdevice needs to be allocated at Device OS compile time, so an API for changing that is not possible.

That’s disappointing.

Since the obit for Mesh went out, this has been my primary need. I spent a lot of time and effort converting a bunch of Photons to a Gen3 Mesh network in order to have low latency local sync, and right now I have an Argon as an orchestration device that then issues commands to a bunch of Xenons and keeps everything in sync.

This seems to be perfect for my needs, so THANK YOU!

@ScruffR Any more information on the chance of increasing the limit of devices? My setup already has 4 satellites (very small physical area) so this limitation is a real hurdle in recovering from the loss of Mesh functionality. I am going to expand to 5 but I doubt I’d ever even hit 8.

Have you seen this earlier response?

To manage any expectation - if Particle decide to increase the current limit of 3 peripherals this will only happen once the Mesh network stack is removed from the Device OS = post 1.6.X. and thus there should be more Flash and RAM available.

There is still the issue that the realistic range of BLE is 10-20 metres and most environments are now highly “polluted” with BLE devices and traffic plus there isn’t the security in data transfer. I am going to explore BLE as it stands to replace Mesh networks as such a short range is OK for my applications and I can live without OTA update.

According to Nordic, bluetooth 5 range is quite a bit more than what we’re used to seeing with previous bluetooth versions.

I suspect that 50-60m indoors mentioned was “under ideal conditions” - I would be very happy to get that in an office/school/university environment. If you have any “real-world” experience with the Particle Gen3 devices I would interested to hear it.