Libraries 2.0 and Logging


If we should encourage people to use the new Logging features (currently available only on 0.6.0+) it would make sense to have Logging available for all systems that will support Libraries 2.0.
So will Logging be backported to 0.5.3 too (or at least save us the hassle of having to wrap conditional compile statements, by making the compiler ignore it)?

Transitioning to Libs 2.0 would allow for a clean break - “old style” libraries will support systems pre 0.5.3 and after and extended libraries only run on 0.5.3 and have logging available from the first version on.


At this point we don’t plan on backporting logging to 0.5.3. The 0.5.x branch is only getting critical fixes.

I don’t think there’s a way around using conditional compile statements when using new firmware features in a library.


Hmm, for bigger projects people might just opt to limiting support to 0.6.0+ then - I’d do :wink: