LF help in using Particle Photon gyroscope data in openFrameworks game

I am currently working on a (school) project and gotten stuck at using gyroscope data from the Particle photon to control an element in a openFrameworks game.

Since the situation is quite complex to explain in a post I am looking for some personal help that could help me look into the project.

Even if it's complex, more detail would probably make the difference between getting someone to consider jumping in on here or not.
IMHO your post doesn't provide much incentive for anything more than just read your post and dismiss the thought.

I’m trying to control the movements of an object in openFrameworks using the axis of a photon gyroscope.
I have managed to establish a connection between the gyroscope and my openFrameworks application through the WiFi network but I’m unable to use the gyroscope data in order to move the little white ball in my mini game.