Kickstarter Campaign Garadget!

Just ran across this on Kickstarter, looks awesome, and they’re using the P1 module, yay!

I used to always need to double-back home and check to see if my garage door was open or not, this seems really neat! Congrats on the launch Garadget team!


Cool! I backed it. I really like the hackable IoT aspect of this project.


I hope too many people don’t “re-flush” it :slight_smile:

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If the published spec on Kickstarter for the laser is correct:

40mW 650nm laser

then you’d better make sure that your kids (or any other person for that matter) NEVER are able to stare directly into the laser. If so, they may be subject to some very serious retinal damage. In the US, lasers with output beam power less than 5 milliwatts (<5 mW) are Class IIIa devices (generally laser pointers). According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, any laser with class higher than IIIa (more than 5 milliwatts) requires a key-switch interlock and other safety features. And even a 5 mW laser can be dangerous with direct exposure of a few seconds.

If you’re considering installing this device and laser, you owe it to yourself to check the numerous resources online regarding laser safety.


Cool project, yes!

I think that the CPSC or perhaps just UL have added an audible alarm requirement for unattended garaged door actuators without video monitoring.

You may want to look into that, if you expect to sell at retail, where the demands for some type of certification (ETL, UL, CSA) are higher. Or, you may have it in there already :smile:

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