keepAlive function and sending SMS with Electron

I want to use my Electron to send a text every 24 hours updating me on the readings of my system. My system mode is in semi-automatic. I am using a 3rd party sim, Ting.

Do I need to use the Particle.keepAlive() function to send text messages? It is my understanding that it is only used to keep the Electron connected to the cloud. I do not think I need my Electron to be connected to the Cloud. I want to keep my data usage to a minimum and with the keepAlive function, I would be using data every few seconds. I know the data used by the function is very very small, but it adds up, and I would like to do without if possible.

I currently don’t have the function in my code. When I test, sometimes I will get the correct text, but it will also include the AT command. Is this because it is no longer connected to the particle cloud?

You don’t need to use the KeepAlive pings if you’re not connecting to the Particle Cloud or using it’s functions.