[ISSUE] 3G outage since 8AM EST in Canada

Hi, I’ve noticed our fleet last connected on 3G around 8AM EST today, and all the devices switched to SAT. Are we experiencing an outage in Canada (Ontario and Alberta at least) or is something wrong with Particle cloud and/or the webhooks? (last log in our webhooks was at that time)

PS: why is the troubleshooting Category not available anymore for posting?

Yes, there appears to be an outage:

Degraded cellular service in Canada

New incident: Investigating

One of Particle’s telephony providers is currently experiencing degraded service in Canada. We are seeing many devices in Canada that are currently unable to connect. We are presently monitoring the situation and working with our telephony provider to resolve the outage.

The Electron, E Series, and Boron 3G devices may experience degraded performance as a result of this incident.

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The issue has since been resolved!
Only Canada was affected.

Degraded cellular service in Canada

Incident resolved

This incident has been resolved.

Thanks to all involved. Most of our devices finally came up.

Unfortunately, we still have several devices that didn’t come up, and it is obviously related to the outage, since no change was made to them, and they just quit connecting on the outage day.

Anyone else has still devices offline?