Is there open source for particle app?

I want to design my own rc car touch screen control. is there very simple particle app for Xcode?

Do a serach “iOS app” and there is lots of discussions around this

All Particle open source repos are available at

And the iOS App in particular is here

But you probably want to look into the iOS SDK which is featured in the docs


Thank you for replying to this thread, though that link is to older app :frowning:

I will try to archive some of no longer used git repos to make correct ones easier to find. I will also probably rename repos to reflect their purpose better. Now it’s very confusing (even to me :)).

iOS app repo:

SDK (API wrapper):

Photon Setup Lib:

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Not entirely sure the scope of the project and the purpose (DIY, for fun or product), but may I suggest looking into using 3rd gen hardware and Bluetooth API?

Assuming this project is for fun, you could just claim the device using our official app and then use iOS native bluetooth API to communicate to the device. I would also assume that bluetooth would give you lower latency at least while it is available. When car goes out of reach it could fall back to using cellular / wifi connectivity. For that you would need our SDK lib (API Wrapper) linked above.