Is there any method to wake up my device at 9:00 am everyday, even though there is a multiple interruptions

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I trying to wake up my Electron device everyday by sharp 9:00 am using System.sleep(WKP,RISING, 246060,SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY ). Also i am using PIR sensor. If sensor get interrupted then the sleeping cycle starts from the time the device connected tot the cloud. I would like to wake up my device at 9:00 am everyday, even though there is a multiple interruptions.

Calculate the remaining time until 9am and use that as the input for sleep?


@Moors7, I have programmed the same way. but that doesn’t help. During the sleep time, If the PIR sensor gets interrupted, the sleeping cycle restarted again. i am unable to get the wakeup by 9:00am, due to the PIR sensor interruption the wake up time gets varying.

That seems like a fixed time to me…
Calculate the time difference between the current time, and the next 9am, and use that value in the sleep function. That way, it doesn’t matter how many times it wakes up since it will always calculate how long it needs to sleep for again.


@Moors7 I tried the same, but each day the wake up time changes due to the interruption from PIR sensor. i am looking for a way, that the device shouldn’t care about the multiple interrupts and it should wake up everyday at 9:00 am sharp.

Thank you

So, again, have the Photon device calculate the difference between the current time and 9am every time it wakes up and use that value instead of a hardcoded one. It can then wake up 288992339048 times inbetween, and just recalculate for how long it need to sleep, every time it wakes up.

Let’s say it’s 3:54am, how long until 9am?
or 5:27am, how long until 9am?
or 9:45pm, how long until 9am?

Instead of you calculating that manually, have the Photon device do that, and use the answer in your sleep function.

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@Moors7 Is the same / similar function available in electron?

It hasn’t got anything to do with the device, it’s just a bit of code you’ll have to program. So yes, either device can do that.

Ok thank you, @Moors7. I will implement the time difference in the sleep function