Is there a wifi tracker based on Particle?

Dear Developers
Has anyone come across a wifi tracker based on Particle? Or would have some pointers to program one? It should be possible to do one for urban areas with abundance of hotspots.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘wifi tracker’ but I’m going to assume it’s some kind of war-driving~ish idea?
You’d like to map open networks to GPS coordinates, or would you like to actually make a GPS tracker, using open networks?
The former has been realized in the form of ‘warkitteh’, then there’s also the warsting which detects open networks.


Thank you Moors7. I had expected the forum to send me an email when there is something posted under my post?

I am looking for the latter, and not only open networks , but “BTOpen” likes too. The second example you’ve given, is a good starting point. I will be looking into it soon. Would you have any further tips or links to consider?