Is there a way to remotely reset a locked up PMIC?

I have been working through some charging issues with deviceOS@1.5.x and in some cases the devices will not charge and have a 1 Hz flashing yellow charge led.

Is there a way to reset the PMIC short of manually removing power from the device?



What’s the behavior of your device when this happens? Is it a condition your watchdog could catch and trigger a reset?


The behavior would be easy enough to spot. I could trigger a corrective event if the battery level reached a low level or if it was discharging at noon. These devices can go 4-5 days on battery so there is time to catch it. The problem is that resetting the Boron or even toggling the Enable pin for 10 seconds does not correct the issue. That is why I was hoping there was some API call I could make to reset the PMIC. For example I had high hopes that:


would do the trick but no luck.

Any ideas?



That’s a tough one. I was hoping that an enable pin reset would correct it. I haven’t tried to tackle solar or the new power management yet. I’m thinking I may wait to do that.

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