Is it possible to change Device Id?

Sorry, if it’s been discussed before but I couldn’t find exact answer for it.

  1. Is it possible to change Device Id of a core?
  2. Would it be a vulnerability if someone get my core’s Id?

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If I recall correctly, there is a way to reset the Device ID, but I honestly don’t recall how.

Given that someone had your Device ID, if your core was not claimed, either by not initially claiming it, or if you were trying to move it between accounts, then anyone with the Device ID could add it manually to their account.

Thank you @DanielBernard.

@Dave Do you have any idea?

The device IDs are generated based on the hardware IDs of the STM32 microcontroller and cannot be changed. Each ID is associated with an account with a public/private key pair along with access tokens. So by simply knowing someone’s device ID will not give you access to their Core.

We are currently thinking about using names instead/in-additon to the device IDs to make things easier.

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What @mohit said :slight_smile:

Right now the device id once claimed shouldn’t be considered sensitive information, since access to your core is protected by your account, and by the unique keys on the core.