Is BGLib ported to Spark

Hey all,

I have done several Bluetooth LE projects in the past, and I’d love to connect my Spark Core to a BLE112 module. For an Arduino, I use the following library by Jeff Rowberg -

I wanted to see if anyone was working on a port of it for Spark. Thanks!

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It looks to me like this would work with Spark almost immediately. You just have to change the #include <Arduino.h> to #include "application.h". Try that and see if it compiles!


@zach Thanks for the reply! I’ll give it a try. My goal is to use the “Natural” BLE112 pairing to be able to setup an auto check in / out in my house, leveraging the BLE iOS background services.

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@cookieman459 @zach
Zach is correct, you need to follow his edit then do a global replace of HardwareSerial to UARTSerial. It should compile then. I just finished compiling it without any errors. I’ll be testing it out later tonight to see if it works on my hardware.