Interrupting Particle Electron during cellular upload?

Hello Particle Community,

I am curious if it is possible to interrupt the Particle Cellular functions for something that is higher priority? I’m using Ubidots currently, and on a post to Ubidots it can sometimes take up to 20 seconds if I loose cellular connection just before I upload. I imagine that the device is trying to push the data through, but that time window is just too big for me.

It seems like when cellular tasks happen on the particle electron they occupy the entire bandwith of the processor. Any tips on allowing another set of data to be read in the background when uploads are happening?


Well there are interrupts that do exactly that and as a less intrusive option there are Software Timers with or without SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED).

You can search the Reference docs to get more info about the best use for which of the options.