Interrupt issues going from Electron to Boron


Our team’s been developing software for the Electron 3G, which work just fine, but as we are testing with Boron 4G, we found that attachInterrupt on the D7 pin is not working. Is this because D7 is linked to the LED indicator light, or is there another issue behind all this? The fact that it runs just fine on the Electron points toward an unknown hardware issue…

Thanks very much for your help.

That's possible, what edge are you triggering for and what kind of pull-resistor or signal source do you use?

I trigger it at a rising edge, and I set the pin on INPUT_PULLDOWN mode. It is a mechanical switch. The same code works on the Electron, although it does not use D7 on the Electron.

Thanks for looking into this for me!

All right, I found that the D7 LED caused the interrupt to not work. I think the documentation should reflect this!