Integrations can now use PRODUCT_ID as a variable!

Howdy folks!

My colleague @morduno-particle asked if we had PRODUCT_ID available in our integrations, when I dug in to the source of our integration system, I found we didn't provide that but it would be trivial to do so. A single line of logic changed, a few unit tests added to make sure it works, a deploy, and now y'all can use that variable!

You could for example, use it in your payload destined for you or your partner's servers:

    data: "{{{ PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE }}}",
    product_id: "{{{ PRODUCT_ID }}}"

Or as a header/query parameter, just like the rest of our predefined variables. To see the rest of our variables, check out the updated docs

Hope y'all find this useful, let me know if there are any questions!


This is very useful on multi-product projects! Thanks a lot, Wraithan.

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