Integration with Google Calendar

Dear all,

I'm wondering if anyone of you imagined how to make the sparkcore event triggered by google calendar events. Basically my idea is to create a google calendar for the spark and schedule events to call function with different parameters. The idea is to sync it once a day for the current day..
Any ideas or suggestions?

I was looking at TimeAlarms scheduler:

but it is not dynamic as I need.
Thank you

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Hi @d82k

I have been working on and off on a project along these exact lines. There are some challenges since Google wants to remember every calendar entry, the parsing gets progressively more difficult on the core as your history of events grows. I haven’t given up, but I do see some problems. The solution might be to move away from Google, but that was my first choice too.

I have also been working on getting vcal/ical entries into a core for similar purposes.

Have you also seen this:

I wrote code over there to control 4 relays from the Spark cloud with start times and durations. I will be writing a web interface for it as well. It is a whole lot simpler and less ambitious, but it works great right now.


I’ve also been considering something along these lines, albeit much simpler. Probably closer to the Spark & Spark Relay controlled Peristaltic Dosing Pumps thread. I’m terrible at remembering to take out the garbage on Thursday mornings, or put out the recycling every other Monday morning, or taking leftovers to work to feed our tech support staff (my wife rocks, BTW). I was thinking it would be nice to have a Spark somewhere on my way out the door to flash colors on any given morning before work or at night before bed to signal that I need to do something before I leave or go to bed. Trash and recycling would be recurring alarms, possibly driven by a special calendar within Google Calendar in case any holidays require the schedule to change. Remembering leftovers could be as easy as pushing a button or using a mobile web app for my wife to help remind me.