Instagram data extraction

Hi, I’ve been struggling with a first project I want to set up on my Argon. While trying to use a project for an ESP32/ESP8266, I already found an adapted library for Particle devices. However, I get a compiling error which is blocking my progress.

Original project:

The error I get: “cannot declare variable ‘listener’ to be of abstract type ‘InstagramUserListener’”

It would be amazing if anyone here could help me find out what I’m doing wrong.

My project:

edit: The example code from the JSON library I’m using compiles fine and is commented below the project code.

The compiler is trying to tell you that you need to provide at least 1 implementation of a method in that class. If you look at the definition of JsonListener (, all the methods are pure virtuals. This means that you must provide implementations of those methods in your derived class. Check out this - - to see the implementation of InstagramUserListener provided in the referenced library.

Good luck!