Inserting lines from data stream into database

Hi all

Other than connecting to a stream using a web browser, what could I use to ‘listen’ to a stream that a core is publishing, insert each line into a db and also ‘keep-alive’ the connection.

I have been playing with making a Perl daemon using Curl and also trying Node.js but I’m somewhat of a novice programmer so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi @vukko

If you are just trying to create a log file, curl can do that:

curl --no-buffer --url{your access token}  > logfile.txt

Replace {your access token} with your hex token.

There is also a way to insert data into a Google spreadsheet but I am not sure where that stands right now. It worked for a long time and then started not working but I thought it might be fixed now.

There are a lot of other logging services – search for dashboard in the forum to find a bunch.