Increase heap size for BSEC library?

I’m running the Bosch BSEC library with a BME680(vaguely following this thread) on an Argon, and am getting some errors (“insufficient worker buffer”) from the library. Bosch support suggested “increasing the heap size and stack size of your platform”. I know the Argon stack size can’t be increased, but re heap, my device has only used 63 out of 148kB RAM, so surely that shouldn’t be a problem. Could heap fragmentation or something be an issue?

The heap will always be the amount of RAM that’s not used by global variables and the stack(s) - hence it cannot be increased, only the others “participants” can be reduced.

So I’d too suspect heap fragmentation to be the more probable cause.

To advise more, we’d need to know more about the code.

Great, thanks. I’ll see if I can get it working with a minimal example and then go from there