Is it possible to increase the serial buffer size?


64 bytes is pretty small for a serial buffer. I was reading this article…

Is it going to be possible for users to increase the Rx buffer size to ~255 for the Particle Electron?

Serial1 increase buffer size Photon

@jmccorm have you experienced any issues where 64bytes is insufficient for your application?


@kennethlimcp, this issue connected is discussed here
Default example for Asset Tracker GPS prints erratic NMEA sentences to serial


Is there still a way to increase the size?
I need to have a bigger buffer because of some long task taking place during byte arrival.


Did you find a solution for this?



The buffer size cannot be changed, but this library allows you to use a larger buffer:


Thank you for the info. I try it out!


I’ve just learned that custom buffers should be available on mesh devices and will likely be “backported” to previous generations too (when hardware allowes - Core might be too weak).

However, no ETA for Gen2 can be given at this point in time.


OMFG thank you for this. Have been chasing a bug for 3 hours and finally figured out it was a blown serial input buffer. This fixed it.