Inconsistency in publish [SOLVED]

Hi all,

Im just messing around with publish and subscribe, I have the following lines in my loop

Spark.publish("HELLO WORLD");


then I am doing the following in the command line

$ spark subscribe mine
Subscribing to all events from my personal stream (my cores only)
Listening to: /v1/devices/events

I received a couple of outputs, but then nothing.

any ideas ?

Hi @beardedgeek

There is a rate limit to how fast you can publish events so the cloud does not get overloaded. The rule is one per second average with a burst of up to four allowed.

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Hi @bko

thanks for the quick reply, this makes sense now. my previous delay of 200 was way too fast and was probably maxing out the publish limit ( this explains why I could see the publish 4 times before it gave up)

I have now modified the delay to 3000 and I can now see the published output as expected.