Incomplete Device History

I'm trying to analyze one of my boron devices that is exhibiting spikes in cellular usage:


Device history for this device seemed to be the best place to take a look. However there is no data available in the downloaded history for the 24th and 25th!


Is it normal to have days with no history data?

If the device was failing to connect for those two days, it could be using cellular data attempting to connect, but not successfully connecting to the cloud and therefore not generating any device vitals.

By default, if a device fails to connect it will retry continuously until it succeeds. If you are deploying devices in areas with poor cellular connectivity, it may be worthwhile to add extra code to back off and retry less aggressively after several failures if data conservation is more important than reconnecting as quickly as possible.

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Hi @rickkas7 ,
I was also expecting to see some missing temperature data for those two days but those days were perfect.

One step I took today, the device was running 4.0.2 and I updated it to 4.1.0. We will continue to monitor. Other thoughts are:

  • open a support ticket to report missing data and continue drilling into this device from a lower data level (tower interactions for example)
  • put the 12 hour Particle.publishVitals(): call back into the code

Any other suggestions?
Thanks again.