Illuminated button keypad

Anybody have any good ideas on how to create an attractive custom keypad to interact with a Particle device? Something that goes beyond just your bog standard push button?
Ideally I wanted to create something similar to some of the below images but cost is definitely a big factor. I’ve seen on AliExpress some illuminated 12v buttons but they were about £3ea. Is this about right?!


PBPwBackground selective-led-lighting-white-icons

How about


All but 3 are custom buttons. For those your actually looking at anywhere from 3-10k to get designed.
The first Image we actually used many years ago. They still make them but if memory serves they are like $12 a piece. The 3’rd one, is like $35-50 a piece. Those are small LCD’s in a button. #6 is about the lowest cost button here with a legend stuck on it. But who would want that, its looks like it was made in mikie’s garage.

Don’t forget #4, just a neater version of #6.

I’ve decided to go with something I found in the meantime.

Hope this was an interesting thread.

#7 is the headlight control pad in a US Military vehicle (newer models mostly). Not sure what it sells for on military surplus, but it’s like a $100 switch. It’s the green oval with such buttons as “service drive” and " B. O. Drive" (black out drive).