ILI9341 2.8 tft SPI 240x320 screen


I’ve got a ili9341 (2.8’ tft spi 240x320) screen I acquired, will the photon run this? I don’t need the touch screen side of this running just the display. cheers

link to screen below

@Codeman, any Particle device will work with that display, including the Photon.


Thanks, are there any examples out there?, can’t for the life of me get this working, all the samples i use for ili9341 don’t seem to work so does it use ili9341 ?

I’m not a professional programmer so am reliant on examples for this.

Thanks in Advance

@Codeman, which ili9341 library are you using and how is your display connected?

@peekay123 - ive been at this days and ive tried just about every library ive ready about, im currently on Adafriut_ili9341 but this always seems to point to the featherwing version of this screen (2.8 TFT Touch Shield for Arduino with Resistive Touch Screen : ID 1651 : $34.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits)

And ive tried various connections according to different libraries, sorry to be vague , ive completely disconnected it now to start from fresh incase ive missed something

@Codeman, if you are using the Featherwing version then I am not sure how you are using with with a Photon. Can you explain?

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