Identifier Undefined


So this #define is “undefined” yet Workbench can see and expand it? The header is being included by this .cpp file. Have I missed a setting or search path somewhere?

@m_m Would you happen to have insight on this?

@darrenji does your application compile? (try running the Particle: Compile application (local) task - from VSCode’s main menu, select “Terminal > Run Task…”)

if so, it’s just another issue w/ intellisense configuration that we need to fix and you can ignore the warning for now.

if not, please run the Particle: Audit Environment command and share the non-sensitive bits of the report it generates here.

Yep it builds fine. I figured it was some kind of intellisense thing, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to fix it.

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Has this been resolved? I am still having this issue with my project. Project compiles without errors.