I want to hire the Core programer

Hi. I tried to realize my project, but I could not complete it…
Can anybody work for me?

Did you see this thread @Daisuke

Is this similar to what you want?

I think its better for you to upload your project under (Microprocessor programming or under arduino) Not spark core . After all the 2 of them are the same as spark Core and you can use freelancer.com
they got some freelancer there to do such job.

Anyway you can hire a web person to do the job and then give him the api to integrate the CURL listening events.
Else {
You can do a connection from the core to the web app directly without passing through the spark core cloud . As you wish … Just write the project under C++ Arduino and not spark core many doesnt know spark core and doesnt know that arduino coding and spark core are the same thing