Hyper-Local Analog Weather Readout

Project I started for school and made some finishing touches on my own. Uses webhooks to retrieve forecasts and current weather data from several websites, then average the forecasts together based on which sites had the most accurate current data (compared to my sensors). Then, display the current weather and the forecast for the day on a retro-style display!

Got a lot of help on this from several users on here, most notably @ScruffR, @Ric and @peekay123. Thanks for all your help, guys! Turned out pretty great, in my humble opinion! :slight_smile:



Really like the laser cut holder for the display along with the custom paper display wheels and how they work off gravity :slight_smile:

I can tell a lot of work and time went into getting this working how we see it in the video.

A totally unique and creative project.

Time and weather displays are some of the most used projects I have made to date.

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Yep! Lots of time, lots of nights up till 1 or 2 coding and assembling :joy:
The laser engraving was fun- I was going to 3D print them, but then saw my school had the engraver and thought, “well that’s certainly cheaper and cooler that 3D printing” so I went with it!

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