HTTP Post Code Seems to cause RESET

Okay, so after some hunting and digging, I found a piece of HTTP Post code that uses the HTTP Client library. I was able to get the code to post successfuly 1-2 times but more often than not, the HTTP response status is:
Last Reset Reason : -1…then shortly after that on the console I get spark/device/diagnostic/update.

The code I am using is the following:

void setup() {
    while (!WiFi.ready())
    request.ip = remoteIP;
    request.port = 8699;
    request.path = "/measures/768768000";
    Particle.publish("SETUP","We have an IP",60,PRIVATE); 

void loop() {

    Particle.publish("Loop","Start of Loop",60,PRIVATE);
    request.body = "{\"capabilityAlternateId\":\"1\",\"sensorAlternateId\":\"24252627\",\"measures\":[[\"15\"]] }";, response, headers);

    sprintf(resstatus,"Response Status: %",response.status);