How to use capacitive sensor with photon

I recently just got this capacitive sensor from adafruit Capacitive Sensor and don’t know how to use it with the photon board. Could someone show me a quick example of turning on an LED with it? Or help me in some way with the code.

There is a library on Particle Build for it and I remember some thread on this forum about it

A quick search on here CAP1188 would have come up with
capTouch(cap1188) + photon
Working on getting capacitive touch sensor (CAP-1188) to register single and multiple clicks

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Thanks for these resources.

I tried to use the available library as a example but when I compile it I get this error:

touch.cpp:2:30: fatal error: Adafruit-CAP1188.h: No such file or directory
 #include "application.h"

Any idea how to fix this? I am simply just trying to compile the library with an empty app

Yup, there are some issues in the lib.

#include "Adafruit_CAP1188.h"
// should be
#include "Adafruit-CAP1188.h/Adafruit-CAP1188.h" // in the sample (easy to fix - but not necessary if copy-pasting)
// and 
#include "Adafruit-CAP1188.h"  // in Adafruit-CAP1188.cpp (can't be fixed - reason that copy-pasting is required)

You might have to copy-past the contents of the files in your on project by use of the (+) button to add files and name them accordingly.

I’ve opened an issue on the GitHub repo