How to upgrade over the air?

In the firmware page is says that I can upgrade it OTA but I cannot find the procedure. How can I do it?

Hi @bigakis - visit our web IDE to program the Core over the air:

Thx Zach. I finally used dfu to install the new firmware.

If would be great if we could upgrade OTA using a command-line built .bin file. Save all the messing about with dfu.

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You actually can:

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Thanks so much. I tried searching spark core flash OTA, but didn’t find that reference.

We’re also working on a command line tool that will use the api and should make this easy as well :slight_smile:

After browsing the code from github, I realized that when the new firmware is uploaded, the system compiles the last version of the whole firmware plus your code.

So every time a new firmware is uploaded via the website the core firmware is also updated to the last version on the site.
Only the bootloader is not affected.

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Hi @bigakis,

Ahh, yes! Sorry about any confusion there. :slight_smile: Every build is done on-top of core-firmware and the other core libraries, so your code gets the benefit of any improvements there automatically.

If you really want to change the bootloader you can, but you need a programmer-shield to do it. We intentionally don’t change that very often since it needs to be so stable / reliable.