How to trigger OTA update using particle code?

Hi All,
I am using a couple of particle photons to a IOT Platform called thingworx. The connectivity is established and that is being exchanged through webhooks.
Now, my code basically puts the photon into sleep and it only wakes up when there is a motion on a connected accelerometer.
I need to push periodic code updates to the photon but I cannot do so when it is sleeping.

“Can I trigger an OTA code update using my particle code when it wakes up and a specific flag is enabled on the IOT software side?”

If you set up your device under the Particle Products feature the Photons will download a firmware update if it sees new firmware available by you once it wakes up and connects to the Particle Cloud.

There is some code on the forum that set’s a recommended delay to allow for an update to happen, you’ll have to search for that.

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