How to tell the publish data apart from identical devices?


I am working on multiple devices with the same firmware that does publish and subscribe to same name. In the firmware I am using

Particle.subscribe("GetData", myHandler);
Particle.publish("Data", mydata, PRIVATE);

On the APP side, I am using:

SparkCloud.sharedInstance().publishEvent(withName: "GetData", data: "test", isPrivate: true, ttl: 60 completion: { (error:Error?) -> Void  in


self.devices[indexPath.row].subscribeToEvents(withPrefix: "Data", handler: { (event, error) in


It seem

id eventListenerID = [[SparkCloud sharedInstance] subscribeToDeviceEventsWithPrefix:@"temp" deviceID:@"53ff6c065075535119511687" handler:handler];

no longer available to use with the deviceID in swift 3.

Are there ways to tell which device publish which data?